Access Renewals


Ongoing research projects that began before October 1 of the current calendar year must be renewed for the following calendar year by November 1 of the current calendar year. If you are a PI or group admin, you will receive reminders to visit myMSI and carry out this renewal process. Renewals typically open the first week in October.


  • If you are the Principal Investigator for the research project and you want one of your group members to fill out the renewal form, you can set them as a group admin for your group.
  • Consider which of your current group members will continue with your group for the next calendar year.
  • Consider what amount of Service Unit (SU) resources and what amount of storage you will need for the coming year.
  • Gather information about your funding and publications.

Renewal Steps

If you are a PI or group admin and would like to submit a renewal request, please go to your myMSI page and choose MSI Access & Renewals.

  1. Project Info: a title and an abstract which is a general overview of your work and how you plan to use MSI resources
  2. Private Data: indication of your understanding that MSI does not accept HIPAA data unless it has been de-identified.
  3. Disk Needs: questions about your needs for HPC scratch space and longer-term project space.
  4. HPC Needs: optional; fill this out if you plan to use HPC resources. You will be asked for the following documentation for peer review:
    1. A justification document with a description of the work you plan to do using MSI's HPC resources, including a summary of progress made with the previous SU allocation, the work underway, the work planned next, and the significance of the project.
      • If you are requesting 500,000 or more SUs, you will be asked to include information about the scalability of your code. Specifically, you will be asked to provide results showing the performance of your code as a function of the number of cores used, benchmark information, and performance considerations that apply to your algorithm and its implementation.
    2. An explanation of why the requested number of SUs is appropriate for your planned work.
    3. A statement of your productivity. This may include the number of dissertations completed or students graduated under your instruction; the number of postdocs, grad students, and undergrads currently working with you; awards you have received for MSI-supported work; publications; and other information that attests to your productivity.
  5. Group Members: you will have an opportunity to choose which group members to keep active for the following calendar year. If you choose no one, then only the PI account will be kept active and all other accounts will be locked January 1st.
  6. External Resources: You will be asked to enumerate your external funding, including funding agency, period, and dollar amount.
  7. Publications: you will be asked to submit:
    1. Research reports.
    2. Links to anywhere you have acknowleged MSI's contributions to your research.
    3. Newsworthy items regarding your research.

If approved, renewals go into effect on January 1st for the following calendar year.