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MSI PI Michael Tsapatsis Elected to National Academy of Engineering News Article 02/13/2015
MSI PI Marlene Zuk Recognized by Naturalist Society News Article 02/16/2015
Big Ten Network Features UM Crop Research News Article 02/18/2015
Investigating the Medicinal Properties of Kava ('awa) Research Spotlight 02/18/2015
MSI Researcher Julia Quindlen Awarded Doctoral Fellowship News Article 02/20/2015
MSI PI Robert Tranquillo Elected Fellow of IAMBE News Article 02/23/2015
MRSEC Receives NSF Grant News Article 02/25/2015
New Data Storage Option for MSI Researchers Research Spotlight 03/04/2015
Black Phosphorus Films Show Promise for Optical Circuits News Article 03/05/2015
MSI-Supported Cancer Research Is Recognized News Article 03/09/2015
MSI PIs Recognized for Teaching Excellence News Article 03/11/2015
MSI PIs Shaping U Grand Strategies Research Priorities News Article 03/13/2015
MSI PI Carol Cardona Discusses Avian Influenza News Article 03/16/2015
MSI PI Daniel Voytas in Group Recognized for a Breakthrough Technology News Article 03/18/2015
Understanding the Effects of Dislocations on Thermal Properties of Materials Research Spotlight 03/18/2015
Patents Awarded to MSI PIs - Spring 2015 News Article 03/20/2015
Foundation to Support SpatialHadoop From MSI PI Mohamed Mokbel News Article 03/24/2015
Monthly Maintenance on April 1 News Article 03/31/2015
Mesabi Dedication and 2015 Research Exhibition Research Spotlight 04/01/2015
MSI PI Jakub Tolar Named Distinguished McKnight University Professor News Article 04/08/2015