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Simulations of Interacting Objects Research Spotlight 09/03/2014
MSI PI Bin He Receives NSF Grant for Brain Research News Article 09/04/2014
MSI Fellow Don Truhlar to be Honored by American Chemical Society News Article 09/08/2014
Building a Chemical Degradation Database News Article 09/12/2014
PI David Tilman Receives Balzan Prize for Contributions to Ecological Research News Article 09/15/2014
Air Pollution and Socioeconomic Status Research Spotlight 09/17/2014
MSI PI Carol Lange to Deliver Fall 2014 Ada Comstock Distinguished Women Scholars Award Lecture News Article 09/23/2014
Monthly Maintenance on October 1 News Article 09/29/2014
Call for Proposals: Allocations on the Blue Waters HPC System News Article 09/30/2014
Genetic Studies of Epstein-Barr Virus Infection Research Spotlight 10/01/2014
BRAIN Initiative Grants to CMRR News Article 10/08/2014
Impact of Waves Along Coastlines News Article 10/10/2014
PI Marc Hillmyer Explains Plastic Use News Article 10/13/2014
Computational Astrophysics Research Spotlight 10/15/2014
MSI PI Jakub Tolar Honored by Rocker Eddie Vedder News Article 10/22/2014
New Study From MSI PI Shows Varying Rates For C-Sections News Article 10/23/2014
Using Proteomics Methods to Diagnose Oral Cancer Research Spotlight 10/29/2014
Request for Proposals: Text-based Crowdsourcing at the U of M News Article 10/30/2014
Name for New Supercomputer Has Been Chosen News Article 11/07/2014
MSI PI Harry Orr Elected to Institute of Medicine News Article 11/10/2014