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4/25/13: MSI PI Wentzcovitch Named to American Academy of Arts and Sciences News Article 04/25/2013
5/1/13: University Imaging Centers Highlighted in Research Blog News Article 05/01/2013
5/2/13: MSI PI Georg to Receive Award From American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy News Article 05/02/2013
5/3/13: MSI PIs and Nanomedicine News Article 05/03/2013
5/7/13: Microbes and Metals News Article 05/07/2013
Creating Realistic Animations of Nature Research Spotlight 05/08/2013
5/8/13: Virtual School Summer Computational Science Courses News Article 05/08/2013
5/15/13: MSI Provides Key Services to Cargill News Article 05/15/2013
Interview: Feilong Liu Research Spotlight 05/22/2013
Modeling Transition Metal and Actinide Chemistry Research Spotlight 06/05/2013
6/6/13: Controlling Objects by Brainwaves News Article 06/06/2013
6/10/13: MSI PIs Receive Minnesota Futures Awards News Article 06/10/2013
6/13/13: NIH Request for Information – Big Data to Knowledge Program News Article 06/13/2013
Growth Promotion in Livestock Research Spotlight 06/19/2013
6/19/13: In Memoriam - Franz Halberg News Article 06/19/2013
Interview: Makenzie Provorse Research Spotlight 07/03/2013
7/10/13: Family Physicians and Maternal Care News Article 07/10/2013
7/12/13: VP Herman Presents Research Priorities to Regents News Article 07/12/2013
7/15/13: MSI PIs Fighting Antibiotic Resistance News Article 07/15/2013
Crystal Structures of Coronaviruses Research Spotlight 07/17/2013