Registering to use MSI software through the UMN calendar

1. Visit the software page corresponding to the software of your interest.  Click on the calendar link.  This will open a new web page similar to one shown below.  

2. Click on Google Calendar sign at the bottom right corner of the page.  This will add the calendar as one of the calendars to which you can add "events".

3.  Once the calendar has been added, add event by dragging the duration for which you need access to the software.  This will open a window similar to one below. Add an appropriate name for the event such as your MSI username to the "What" section and click "Edit event".

4.  In the "Edit event" page, click on rooms and type the name of the software in the text box as shown in figure below. In this example, we are adding an event to the Mimics calendar by inviting the calendar as a room. Accept the Mimics calendar by clicking the "Add" link.

5. Once completed, click "SAVE".

6.  If you have already added the calendar to your list of preferred calendar, then you do not need to repeat steps 1 and 2.