Computer & Visualization Labs



In addition to providing supercomputing facilities, MSI also has three computational laboratories:

  • All MSI labs have 24 hour continuous access via U Card reader.
  • Lab workstations have access to MSI software and shared global filesystems.

Scientific Development and Visualization Laboratory (SDVL)

Walter Library, Room 575
Resources: Linux workstations, large wall mounted displays for tutorials and conferencing

LCSE-MSI Visualization Laboratory (LMVL)

Walter Library, Room 125
Resources: High definition wall projected displays, with access to high performance graphics, computation, storage, and networking

Biomedical Modeling, Simulation, and Design Laboratory (BMSDL)

717 Delaware, Room 414
Resources: Linux workstations


The labs are subject to MSI policies.  MSI does not allow users to remotely access laboratory machines.  MSI does provide continuous remote access to compute resources on several systems.  Information regarding available software is present on the software page.