Algorithms and Analysis for Natural Systems



Algorithms and Analysis for Natural Systems

These researchers are involved in two projects requiring large-scale computation. Both projects are developing new algorithms for understanding natural systems and are applying those algorithms to prominent real-world problems.


In the first project, the researchers are continuing their development work on Order-1 algorithms for large-scale, individual-based, equation-free modeling in ecology, epidemiology, and economics, and applying those agorithms to a whole-nation test case that addresses the unexpected resurgence of tuberculosis in recent decades. These Order-1 algorithms cover time and group management and run at a fixed speed regardless of whether the simulation encompasses sixty individuals or sixty-million. That allows the researchers to extend their investigations beyond what has normally been possible.


The second project is in its early stages. The researchers are developing parallel algorithms for processing fine-scale elevation data of the earth’s surface in order to identify new watershed configurations. They are applying LIDAR data at one-square-meter resolution in a regional test case to learn how to decouple pollutant-laden waters in the artificial watershed of drain tiles and ditches from fresh waters in the natural watershed of lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. 

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