Analysis of gene expression during heart development and regeneration


Data Analyses From RNA-Seq, CHiP-Seq, and Microarray Experiments

During 2013, these researchers performed analysis of ten large-scale RNA-seq data and four ChIP-seq data generated from their own data or from public studies. They developed a new method for identifying microRNA combinations (mircode) that collaboratively regulate gene expression during mouse heart development. The wet experiments have been conducted to verify some promising mircodes. These computational studies provide great insight into the heart development, cardiac differentiation, and regeneration process and help the biologists to build their new hypothesis and guide the following experiments. Research in 2014, besides the routine sequencing analysis, includes two major projects that require significant amounts of computational resources. The first project uses deep learning algorithms to predict the sequence functions, which will provide a fast and accurate pipeline for annotating unknown proteins and mRNAs. The second project infers core gene regulatory networks that are activated in the regeneration process, which will provide new insight into key components in heart regeneration.

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