Applying for Class Accounts

A faculty member may request accounts for students in a course s/he is teaching. To request class accounts, the faculty member should provide the following at least two weeks before class begins,

Required Information

The PI should send the following information to with the subject line: Create Class Accounts for 'Course Name'

  1. Course number and name plus a brief description
  2. Class Email List in Excel format based on MyU Report for the course. See below for help locating the correct report.
  3. Course start and end date
  4. New and existing software requirements for the course
  5. Specific dates and time If you would like to reserve a MSI computer lab
  6. Class Accounts will automatically be granted 70,000 SUs and 3 TB of storage to share as a group. If additional storage or SUs are needed, you  may submit a supplemental allocation request through our standard online process after the group has been established.

Note: Class accounts will be closed two weeks after the semester ends unless an extended time is requested. Any data saved in the storage associated with class accounts is subject to removal at the end of the semester and will not be recoverable by MSI.

Please Note: Class accounts are available only to faculty at the University of Minnesota.

Accessing Course Roster from MyU

In order to create class accounts at MSI we will need the students' Internet ID information. You can download an Excel spreadsheet with this information from MyU. 

  1. As the course instructor log into your MyU
  2. Select the "Teaching" tab at the top of the page to view a list of your courses
  3. Click on "Class List" for the course you are requesting accounts for
  4. On the right side of the screen you will see a link to "Class Email List" and below that an option to "Download results in:". Select Excel from the menu and download the class list. 
  5. Include this list with above information when you request class accounts. 

Adding Additional Students, TA's or other Instructors to a Class Account

Once your class account has been created you will be able to manage it like any other MSI account via MyMSI. Once logged into MyMSI using the log in at the top of this website click your username to access the MyMSI interface. You can add new users to the class account my selecting "Manage Accounts in my Groups". This will take you to the Membership Manager interface which will allow you to add members to your class accounts via their Internet ID. Make sure and check which group you are adding members to and use the Change Group option on the right side to change to the group associated with your class. 


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