Cognition and coding in visual cortex


Cognition and Coding in Visual Cortex

These researchers are interested in studying the neuronal circuits underlying cognitive phenomena such as decision making, learning, and attention. They leverage their knowledge of the central visual pathways to quantitatively study these phenomena by recording from humans and non-human primates engaged in sophisticated visual-motor tasks. They employ experimental techniques across multiple spatial and temporal scales including single neuron recording, psychophysics, multi-neural and array recordings, optical imaging, and functional magnetic resonance imaging. Each of these techniques requires sophisticated quantitative analysis and statistics, and the integration of data from multiple disciplines often demands the development of new algorithms. For example, the Ghose lab employs white-noise analyses and information theory to compare the overall perceptual filtering performed by individuals with the filtering associated with the output of single neurons in the visual system. To integrate such a diverse set of data, the researchers are employing simulations and computation models.

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