Computational Chemistry at the Interface

University of Minnesota
June 2-4, 2002

As part of the 34th Great Lakes Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, to be held in Minneapolis on June 2-4, 2002, the Supercomputing Institute is co-sponsoring a minisymposium on Computational Chemistry at the Interface.

The minisymposium will occur on the second and third days of the meeting (June 3-4, 2002) and will feature sessions on the computational chemistry of nanostructured materials, environmental chemistry, and chemical biology. The program committee for the minisymposium consists of the following University of Minnesota faculty members: Donald G. Truhlar, chair, Alon McCormick, Christopher J. Cramer, and Jiali Gao.

The minisymposium organizing committee is:

    Christopher J. Cramer
    Jiali Gao
    Alon McCormick
    Jiali Gao

Further information on the whole meeting is available at:

The schedule of the Computational Chemistry at the Interface minisymposium is available at: