Dedicated Storage Space

The major portion of storage available at MSI is free to our users and is limited by standard quota policies. This storage serves the needs of the overwhelming majority of our users. However, in order to accommodate groups with especially large needs (not of scratch or temporary nature) and users with applications that require guaranteed space (in terabytes) on demand, MSI offers the option of contracting for dedicated storage space. For example, a typical case scenario requiring large dedicated storage might involve the continuous output from a high-resolution diagnostic apparatus on campus that produces terabytes of data per week.

For groups that have unusually large storage requirements or groups that require guaranteed space at all times, MSI offers high performance, dedicated space for a fee. Currently, the fee is $206 / (TB-year). MSI offers this storage generally in increments of 1 TB, and generally for periods of time that are multiples of 1 year. This fee guarantees the contracted space availability, backups, and general management and maintenance. Dedicated storage can be accessed from all MSI computing systems.

A few cases that illustrate how dedicated storage can be used to augment other types of storage at MSI are the following:

  • Supercomputer users receive Service Unit allocations on a yearly basis after review of requests by a peer faculty committee. These service units are related to supercomputing time available for execution. Effective January 1, 2014, the committee began allocating storage to the various projects through peer review. If the allocated storage is not sufficient, or multi-year storage is desired when an allocation is discontinued, the PI may wish to contract additional storage.
  • A group does not use MSI supercomputers, but its storage needs exceed what is currently available to the group as group space.
  • A University Center (or collection of groups that require large data sharing) wishes to contract storage for exclusive use by the Center members.


Tape Storage

For those users whose large data storage needs are largely of archival nature, MSI is also providing the capability of tape storage at cost. We provide high density tapes (LTO-5) for $75/tape, plus an associated labor charge of $120 (two hours of staff time) to move data to tape/s and to give tape/s to the researcher. Each tape has native capacity of 1.5 TB (3 TB compressed). Since this is off-line storage, data volume cannot exceed the capacity of the tape.
Please contact for more information, or to request dedicated or tape archival storage.