Fellows Policy

University of Minnesota
Supercomputing Institute for

Advanced Computational Research

Fellows Policy



To recognize University of Minnesota faculty for their contributions to computational science and supercomputing research and their participation in the activities of the Supercomputing Institute for Advanced Computational Research, the Supercomputing Institute confers Fellowships on selected University of Minnesota faculty members.

It is hoped that Fellows will take a pioneering approach to advanced research in the field of large-scale computing, will advise the Supercomputing Institute on policy matters, and will help identify promising new research areas. Activities that help the Supercomputing Institute advance the research and educational goals of the University are strongly encouraged, and it is intended that the Fellows will play a key role in fostering these activities both at the Institute and in their home departments. Fellows are often invited to serve on Supercomputing Institute committees. Finally, it is hoped that Fellows will suggest ways in which the Institute can better serve the needs of our faculty, students, and research groups and will represent the goals and interests of the Institute in a constructive way to the rest of the University community. Fellows are encouraged to submit information about their published research papers in the area of supercomputing research to the UMSI Research Report Series.


Fellows of the University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute are a specially designated group of faculty of the University of Minnesota who are nationally recognized for their contributions to computational science and supercomputing research and who participate in the activities of the Supercomputing Institute. Fellows are recognized for and expected to show leadership in supercomputing research, to advise the Institute on matters related to supercomputing, and to represent Institute programs in their departments and colleges as well as outside the University.

Fellows Selection Criteria

The criteria for selection of Fellows are:

With few exceptions, Fellows should be of associate professor rank or higher. Fellows may be selected on the basis of demonstrated excellence in supercomputing research or, in cases in which a department has no other Fellows, demonstrated excellence in research in a related field and a willingness to promote and advise the Institute.

Fellows Nomination Procedure

Any University of Minnesota faculty member may be nominated by his or her department head, by the Institute Director, or by two or more Fellows to be a Supercomputing Institute Fellow. In addition, the Institute Director may appoint prospective faculty members contingent on their accepting offered faculty positions. All nominations should contain a curriculum vitae and a bibliography of research publications. The final appointment will be made by the Supercomputing Institute Director, who may also ask an ad-hoc committee of other Fellows to review the nomination and make a recommendation.

Honorary Title

During the period of their appointment, Fellows will be accorded the honorary titles “Fellow of the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.”

Term of Appointment

The term of appointment of Fellows is five years (September 1, year 1 to August 31, year 6, provided the Fellow retains the required tenured or tenure track faculty status during this period. Active Fellows may have their appointments extended as described in the next section.

Non-extension of the Terms on Inactive Fellows

Each July, the Supercomputing Institute Director’s office surveys the recent allocation records and committee service of all Fellows whose appointments are coming to an end. Any Fellow who, in five years, has had no peer-reviewed HPC resource allocation, no Institute laboratory account, no service on any Supercomputing Institute committee, and no research reports submitted to the UMSI series, will also be sent a letter notifying him or her that his or her Fellowship appointment will expire on September 1. Fellowships may also terminate due to faculty resignation of an appointment or non-extension of a tenure-track appointment. Active Fellows will be notified that their appointment is extended by five additional years.