FPGA Cluster

FPGA Cluster

Saturn 1 server for experimenting with the SRC Computers reconfigurable FPGA cartridge.

What is the the Saturn 1 FPGA server?

The Saturn 1 Server is an Hewlett­Packard Moonshot server chassis containing SRC Computers, LLC Saturn 1 cartridges featuring FPGA hardware that can be dynamically reconfigured based upon developer’s code. The Saturn 1 Server is an autonomous server and not a PCI accelerator card, so latency is minimized. The SRC compiler, Carte, converts the developer’s code to a silicon design that can be changed on a subroutine by subroutine basis. This can allow the Saturn 1 server to achieve dramatic performance and efficiency improvements by eliminating the baggage of traditional microprocessor designs.  The compiler rewires the FPGA per the programmer’s code, so that only the hardware required for the operation is left on the cartridge, and unneeded caches, out of order execution hardware, etc. are eliminated.

Additional information is available in the SRC Computers Saturn 1 press release.

What can I do with the Saturn 1 FPGA server?

The Saturn 1 Server allows developers to write C-­like language code that can be compiled into reconfigurable hardware FPGA circuits that perform the function(s) described by the C­-like code. Currently it is expected that users would have to take a tutorial/workshop which instructs them how to use the Saturn 1 cartridge and Carte C programming environment before being able to experiment with this server.

How do I access the Saturn 1 FPGA server?

The Saturn 1 FPGA server is an MSI Beta service. Please email help@msi.umn.edu to get access to this system.