Governance & Organization

The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute is a core research facility of the University within the Research Computing umbrella group of the Office of the Vice President for Research. This arrangement positions MSI to provide leadership in the development and support of large-scale computing and data driven analytics in alignment with research strengths and priorities of the University. MSI is organized into five functional units: 

  • User Gateway Group (UGG)
  • Research Informatics Solutions (RIS) 
  • Scientific Computing Solutions (SCS)
  • Application Development Solutions (ADS)
  • Advanced Systems Operations (ASO)

MSI has two committees. Membership of each committee is reviewed annually. 

Director's Advisory Committee 


Laura Gagliardi


Jeffrey Derby

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Thomas W. Jones


Vipin Kumar

Computer Science and Engineering

Gary Muehlbauer

Agronomy and Plant Genetics

Claudia Neuhauser

Director, Research Computing

Beth Virnig

School of Public Health

Bonnie Westra

School of Nursing and Institute for Health Informatics

Kemal Badur Office of Information Technology

HPC Allocation Committee

The HPC Allocation Committee reviews requests for supercomputing resources and makes allocation recommendations.

Elizabeth Ambrose

Medicinal Chemistry

Tim Griffis

Soil, Water and Climate

David Odde

Biomedical Engineering

Gianluigi Veglia


Yiannis Kaznessis

Chemical Engineering