Heterogeneous Computing

MSI provides access to  high-performance heterogeneous computing systems. These systems are built with different types of computational units such as CPU, GPU, GPGPU etc.  The HPC Hardware Policies apply to these resources. Check each heterogeneous compute resource's page for hardware & configuration, quickstart, and user resources information. All MSI software information, including the heterogeneous computing systems, is documented on the software page.


Cascade consists of a Dell R710 head/login node, 48 GiB of memory; eight Dell compute nodes, each with dual X5675 six-core 3.06 GHz processors and 96 GiB of main memory; and 32 Nvidia M2070 GPGPUs. A compute node is connected to four GPGPUs, each of which has 448 3.13 GHz cores and 5 GiB of memory. Each GPU is capable of 1.2 single-precision TFLOPS and 0.5 double-precision TFLOPs.


Access to Heterogeneous Computing Resources

Current MSI users with a Service Unit allocation should use myMSI to add access to Cascade. 

If you are not yet an MSI user or are a user whose group does not yet have an SU allocation, please sign up for access.