How to use the LMVL

LMVL resources are intended for local and interactive use. You must be physically in the room, and use a local PC (MSI Linux or Windows machine, or your own laptop) with its desktop displayed on the large viewing screens. Instructions for physical access to the room and for using the video switch and PCs are detailed below.


Physical Access


Location: 125 Walter Library

Access: The LMVL is secured by a card reader lock. Your U Card must first be enabled to open the lock. To enable your card, send an email to, explaing what you plan to visualize and why this resource is well suited for your work.


Procedure for using MSI Linux system

  1. Select a keyboard and mouse pair for the Linux system. A USB switch controls which PC (Linux or Windows) will be used.

  2. Touch the keyboard or move the mouse to exit the screen saver mode.

  3. Activate the control panel touchpad by touching it once.

  4. Select the input that you want to use (i.e., MSI Linux).

  5. Wait a few seconds for projectors to turn on and detect the system signal. Once the projectors are on you should see a login screen.

  6. Use your UMN Internet ID and password to login.

  7. Log out after you have finished viewing your data.

  8. Turn off the projectors by selecting the "System Off" button in the upper right corner of touchpad. Confirm the shut down by selecting YES.

Video Switch & Control

The three projectors can take input from any of three managed PCs in the back room, or from a user-provided laptop or beta-test PC through an HDMI cable which is run into the viewing auditorium. The three managed PCs are each configured to display a unified desktop across all three projectors. The HDMI cable from the viewing auditorium runs through a scaling switch, so that a single HDMI output from a laptop or user provided PC can be displayed, replicated, or stretched across any or all of the projectors. The scaling video switch has another three inputs, which may be used with a beta-test PC with as many as three HDMI video out ports.


User control of the video switch is through a touchpad, which allows you to turn projectors on and off as well as select which PC is displayed. This touchpad is on the table on the right side of the room, next to the sliding wooden door. It will usually be off when you first enter the room. To turn it on, firmly touch the screen. Pictorial instructions, which illustrate how to use the touchpad, are provided here: