Introduction to Tecplot

Tecplot uses the standard X-motif interface (buttons, pull down menus, pop up windows, ...). It is very easy to use. Tecplot can be used to create graphs, draw 2-D surfaces and create contour and vector plots of 2-D data. With a point and click interface, annotation, text, lines, circles, rectangles and such, can be added. It has capabilities for 3-D data as well.

With Tecplot, it is easy to create and position many graphs and plots on a single page. Each graph or plot is inside a "frame". Frames can be copied and then modified. This allows you to easily show different views of the same data set: just copy a frame and then modify it.

This is an introduction to Tecplot, not a complete manual. If you go through these pages, you will be able to draw graphs, surfaces and contours. After this, play with Tecplot: it can do far more. The principles described here apply to most of the tecplot drawing functions. With a little effort and some experimentation, you will be able to do much, much more. Most everything is accessible in more than one way, so if you cannot find something, pull down menus.

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title = "sample mesh"
variables = "x", "y", "z"
zone i=5, j=4, datapacking=point

 2.000000  5.000000 -19.178485
 4.000000  7.000000  26.279464
 6.000000  9.000000  24.727109
 8.000000 11.000000 -79.999217
10.000000 13.000000  42.016704
 2.000000  8.000000  19.787165
 4.000000 10.000000 -21.760844
 6.000000 12.000000 -32.194375
 8.000000 14.000000  79.248588
10.000000 16.000000 -28.790332
 2.000000 11.000000 -19.999804
 4.000000 13.000000  16.806681
 6.000000 15.000000  39.017270
 8.000000 17.000000 -76.911799
10.000000 19.000000  14.987721
 2.000000 14.000000  19.812147
 4.000000 16.000000 -11.516133
 6.000000 18.000000 -45.059235
 8.000000 20.000000  73.035620
10.000000 22.000000  -0.885131
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