Lab Overclock (OC) Nodes

The MSI lab servers contain four liquid-cooled nodes operating in an overclocked state. Each overclocked node contains two Westmere processors with 6 cores each, for a total of 12 compute cores per node. The processors are overclocked up to 4.1 GHz from their native 3.46 GHz. Each node has 24 GB of memory.

The overclocked nodes can provide a speed boost for some computations, especially those involving only one or two cores. The overclocked processors will operate at a frequency of 4.1 GHz when possible, but will reduce their frequency to protect the hardware when under significant load. For this reason jobs using only a few cores have the greatest chance of receiving an overclocking speed benefit.  However, even when operating at their native frequency these nodes provide efficient computation.

To execute your job on the overclocked nodes submit it to the overclock queue using the option -q oc.  For example, submit a job script containing the following line:

#PBS -q oc