Letter to /project space PIs, Group Admin and Core Facility Administrators from User Support - 9/10/2013

Subject: Important - MSI /project going off-line next Monday, Sept. 15

Dear MSI PIs, Group Admins and Core Facility Administrators:

This is the final reminder. On September 15, MSI’s old project space (/project) will be taken off-line. Please move any data that you wish to preserve to the new high-performance storage space before the September 15 deadline. You will not be able to access data in /project after September 15. As we get closer to the deadline, it will take longer to transfer files because there are more transfers occurring.

Because data stored on project space is compressed, it will require more disk space when moved to your group space. Be sure you have adequate disk spacebefore you begin your move. The compression factor can vary from no compression to 5.42. Most groups’ compression factor will be less than 2.0. Contact MSI Help for your group's compression factor.

Please ensure that any links you have to /project are redirected. You can find links to project space from MSI Linux systems with the commands:


find . -type l -lname "/project*" -ls

If you have already migrated your data and no longer require project space, please let us know so that we can remove your name from this reminder email list.

More information about moving /project space data can be found at the Primary Storage (Panasas) Migration Guide webpage. More information on storage space can be found on the MSI Storage webpage.

Please let us know if you need assistance in transferring your data.