LMVL Resources

About the resources in the LMVL

The LMVL viewing auditorium can accommodate audiences of up to 40 standing, or 25 sitting at desks. The three large rear projected screens present a 27 ¾’  by 7 ½’ viewing area in a semi-immersive arch that surrounds the field of view for small groups of 5-10. Each of the three screens can be driven at 2K resolution (total of 6.9 million pixels), or 4K resolution (total of 24.8 million pixels). These three screens show the unified PC desktop. The user can select between an MSI-managed Linux or Windows PC, or the user's own PC or laptop through an HDMI  video switch. Each of the two MSI managed PCs have 2x 12 core Intel Broadwell processors, with 64GB of memory, and nVidia P6000 GPU, and 4 TB of local SSD disk. A 40 GigE link from these PCs to MSI’s main network give the user access to MSI’s HPC compute and storage resources, and high bandwidth access across campus and the WAN.

Resource details of the LMVL

Viewing auditorium

  • Location: 125 Walter
  • Physical Access: U Card must be enabled: contact help@msi.umn.edu for access.
  • Seating/Standing area: 28’ x 12  (approx).
  • Maximum audience:


  • 3 DaPlex Self-Trim panels
  • Size: 111.25” x 89.00” viewable
  • Arrangement:
    • Semi-immersive
    • Side-by-side arcade with 45 degree angle between adjacent screens
    • Less than 1 mm mullion between adjacent screens




  • 3 Seiko/Epson EPSON PJ  Laser DLP projectors
  • Pixel Resolutions available:
    • 2K mode: 1920 x 1200 (8 x 5 aspect ratio)
    • 4K mode: 3840 x 2160 (16 x 9 aspect ration)

Video Switches and Touch Panel Control

  • 4x 4-by-1 HDMI switches
    • Maps PC or scaling switch HDMI outputs to projectos
  • 1x 4-by-4 scaling switch:
    • Spread 1 laptop or 1, 2, or 3 PC outputs to 1, 2, or 3 screens
Diagram of Video Switch:
Two PCs, each with
  • 2x 12 core Intel Broadwell Processors
  • 1x nVidia P6000 GPU
  • 64 GB Memory
  • 4 TB (unformatted) SSDs
  • 40 GigE NIC

User OS & Software Envornment

  • Linux PC
    • MSI Lab Image with full Linux user environment and software
    • MSI user accounts, PanFS directories, HPC resources available
  • Windows PC
    • Windows Server OS
    • Stand-alone user accounts (created on request & MSI approval)
    • Software installed upon request and in coordination with MSI staff
  • 40 GigE switch
  • 40 GigE connection to MSI HPC storage and compute resources
  • Connection to Gopher Science Network & Internet 2