Mapping Wheat and Barley Stem Rust Resistance Genes


Mapping Wheat and Barley Stem Rust Resistance Genes

Wheat stem rust has historically caused epidemics worldwide. In the past 30 years this pathogen has been controlled by the deployment of resistance genes. In 1999 a race of stem rust was detected in Uganda that is able to damage the majority of wheat varieties used today. This race, Ug99, has spread throughout Eastern Africa and has recently been detected in Yemen and Iran. New wheat varieties that are resistant to Ug99 are greatly needed. Several wheat lines have been identified as resistant, but these lines are rarely adapted high-yielding varieties. If molecular markers are identified that are linked to resistance genes, breeders can utilize marker-assisted-selection to develop resistant varieties.

These researchers have developed several mapping populations segregating for stem rust resistance. These populations have been phenotyped for stem rust resistance genotyped with molecular markers. Using the software JoinMap 4.0 and GeneMapper, available through MSI, the researchers can analyze their data in order to map the location of these resistance genes. These analyses will provide us with information on the location of resistance genes in the wheat genome. This will facilitate the rapid development of molecular markers closely linked to these genes. 

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