MSI Facilities Overview (Short)

Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI) is the University of Minnesota's principle center for computational research. MSI also operates several data centers on campus. Its main data center is located in the basement of Walter Library (room B40) on the University Twin Cities campus. It has an IT raised floor surface of approximately 3700 sq.ft. and slightly over 1 MW of available power. The Institute operates two main supercomputing systems:

  • Mesabi, an HP heterogeneous Linux cluster with over 18,000 Haswell compute cores
  • Itasca, an HP Linux cluster with 1,134 HP ProLiant blade servers

In addition to the supercomputing systems, MSI supports interfaces and systems for advanced scientific visualization and interactive computing. MSI manages two large storage systems: a high performance parallel files system (6 PB), and a CEPH/S3 tier 2 object storage system. MSI hosts a SpectraLogic T950 tape library with expansion capabilities for over 20 TB of online storage, which is used to backup high value files. The data center is connected to the 100 Gbps campus research network via multiple 40 GbE connections. The University maintains 100 Gbps connections to our regional optical network, which in turn is connected to Internet2 and beyond. MSI provides the infrastructure and expertise to the greater Minnesota University system. In addition to the diverse systems, more than half of the MSI staff are available to provide expert consulting in areas such as research informatics, software development, and algorithm optimization.