MSI Research Exhibition 2019 - Physical Sciences and Engineering Posters

The posters submitted in the Physical Sciences and Engineering category for the 2019 MSI Research Exhibition are listed below.

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Physical Sciences and Engineering

An experiment and DFT study on the photodegradation for atrazine

Authors: Bin Wu, William Arnold

MSI PI: William Arnold (Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering)

Attack-resistance and reliability analysis of feed-forward and feed-forward XOR PUFs

Authors: Sandeep Avvaru, Keshab Parhi

MSI PI: Keshab Parhi (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Development of a fiber-level cell traction force microscopy method

Authors: Lauren Bersie-Larson, Jay Hou, Victor Barocas, Paolo Provenzano

MSI PI:  Victor Barocas (Biomedical Engineering)

Elastic waveform tomography of spent nuclear fuel casks

Authors: Othman Oudghiri-Idrissi, Bojan B. Guzina

MSI PI: Bojan B. Guzina (Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering)

Exploring new dimensions: Nucleosynthesis based on 3D supernova simulations

Authors: Andre Sieverding, Bernhard Mueller, Yongzhong Qian

MSI PI: Yongzhong Qian (Physics and Astronomy)

First-principles exploration of hybrid improper ferroelectric phase diagram in strained Ruddlesden-popper phase perovskite oxides thin films

Authors: Shutong Li

MSI PI: Turan Birol (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science)

Free space vertical interconnects using near field coupling antennas

Authors: Aditya Dave, Rhonda Franklin

MSI PI: Rhonda Franklin (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

High-resolution climate projections over Minnesota for the 21st century

Authors: Stefan Liess, Peter K. Snyder, Bonnie L. Keeler, Kate A. Brauman, Tracy E. Twine

MSI PI: Tracy E. Twine (Soil, Water, and Climate)

Magnetic and nematic transitions in disordered iron-pnictide superconductors

Authors: W. Joe Meese, Peter P. Orth, Rafael M. Fernandes

MSI PI: Rafael M. Fernandes (Physics and Astronomy)

Measuring benefits of root parallelization in Monte Carlo tree search

Authors: Erik Steinmetz, Daniel Boley, Maria Gini

MSI PI: Daniel Boley (Computer Science and Engineering)

Nonlinear magnon scattering mechanism for microwave pumping in magnetic films

Authors: Tao Qu, Aneesh Venugopal, James Etheridge, Karthik Srinivasan, William Peria, Bethanie Stadler, P.A. Crowell, Randall H. Victora

MSI PI: Randall H. Victora (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Nonlinear parallel pump FMR for frequency selective limiters

Authors: Aneesh Venugopal, Tao Qu, Randall Victora

MSI PI: Randall H. Victora (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Numerical simulation of a controlled trajectory rapid compression and expansion machine (CT-RCEM)

Authors: Krishna Chandra Bavandla, Abhinav Tripathi, Zongxuan Sun, Suo Yang

MSI PI: Suo Yang (Mechanical Engineering)

Objective molecular dynamics

Authors: Gunjan Pahlani, Tom Schwartzentruber, Richard James

MSI PI: Richard James (Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics)

Phase-resolved wave simulation in the presence of realistic ocean currents

Authors: Tianyi Li, Tao Cao, Lian Shen

MSI PI: Lian Shen (Mechanical Engineering)

Seasonal shifts in amoA transcript abundance in wastewater sequencing batch reactors

Authors: Juliet Johnston, Timothy Lapara, Sebastian Behrens

MSI PI: Sebastian Behrens (Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering)

SERS multiplex detection of mycotoxins with linear polymer affinity agents

Authors: Rebeca S. Rodriguez, Victoria M. Szlag, Theresa M. Reineke, Christy L. Haynes

MSI PI: Christy L. Haynes (Chemistry)

Simulation and characterization of ferromagnetic resonance for magnetic nanowire

Authors: Yali Zhang, Joseph Um, Bethanie Stadler, Rhonda Franklin

MSI PI: Rhonda Franklin (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Simulations of gas turbine cooling performance-used in modern aircraft engines

Authors: Rui Zhu, Pingting Chen, Terrence Simon

MSI PI: Terrence Simon (Mechanical Engineering)

Swarm engineering through quantitative measurement in a 10,000 robot swarm

Authors: John Harwell, Maria Gini

MSI PI: Maria Gini (Computer Science and Engineering)

Systematic numerical analysis of modes of exhumation during extension of continental lithosphere

Authors: Megan Korchinski, Christian Teyssier, Donna Whitney, P. Rey, L. Mondy

MSI PI: Donna Whitney (Earth Sciences)

The role of strong scattering by large-amplitude whistler-mode waves in the evolution of solar wind electrons

Authors: Aaron West, Peter Grul, Kris Kersten, Tien Vo, Cynthia Cattell

MSI PI: Cynthia Cattell (Physics and Astronomy)

Unconventional superconductivity in the vicinity of a magnetic quantum critical point

Authors: Morten H. Christensen, Xiaoyu Wang, Erez Berg, Rafael M. Fernandes

MSI PI: Rafael M. Fernandes (Physics and Astronomy)

Understanding hyporheic exchange effects on anomalous transport in open channel flows

Authors: Jun Song Kim, Peter K. Kang

MSI PI: Peter K. Kang (Earth Sciences)

Understanding roughness, inertia, and diffusion effects on anomalous transport in rough fractures

Authors: Seonkyoo Yoon, Peter K. Kang

MSI PI: Peter K. Kang (Earth Sciences)