MSI Storage Allocation

Storage Allocation Guidelines

MSI provides data storage capabilities to all its users. At account creation, University faculty ("PIs") are granted a default storage allocation (150 GB) on our high capacity, high performance, storage systems. The storage allocation is shared among all members of the PI group that have accounts at MSI.

If the default storage allocation is not sufficient, MSI accepts requests for additional resources. Small increases can be requested by e-mailing, and are evaluated and approved internally. Large requests (several terabytes or higher) are evaluated and approved by MSI's faculty allocation committee. The committee evaluates and approves requests for storage on an annual basis (typically around November 1 of each year), as well as a supplementary request mid-year on July 1. Ad hoc requests are also accepted if the circumstances require them. The application process for storage is conducted jointly with the application for supercomputing resources.

At present, MSI makes available 400 TB of storage to be allocated by this faculty committee. PIs who require large allocations are required to submit to the committee a short proposal justifying the need, a process that is generally concurrent with the application for computational resources.  However, the committee also entertains proposals for storage space only. The committee grants allocations for a fixed, one year term. Yearly renewals are possible via an identical mechanism.

Users whose allocated quota is not sufficient, or who have particular access or availability needs may purchase dedicated storage at fixed, yearly rates.   For this option, please see the  dedicated storage space page.