MSI Tours

Tour Information

Due to renovation of the Visualization Lab, MSI is unable to offer full tours at this time. We anticipate being able to resume offering tours in mid-summer 2017.


  • MSI Computer Machine Room -- MSI enables interdisciplinary research through its robust data center facility located in Walter Library on the Minneapolis campus. With over 1 MW of IT capacity, MSI supports some of the nation's leading edge computational and data storage systems. Our data center is connected via dedicated 10 and 100 Gbps links to our campus and regional optical networks and Internet2 to give our researchers the network capacity and capability needed to collaborate with researchers from around the world. 
  • Visualization Lab -- In collaboration with the Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering, MSI supports an immersive visualization laboratory with active 3D stereographic and motion tracking systems. The Lab is currently under renovation.   

Contact Information

A complete listing of contact information, including directions and parking, can be found here.