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Ask questions, help your peers and get started on your collaborative research. Available to all MSI users and all UMN accounts. Membership is required to view and participate in the forums.

We have the following forums:

  1. Minnesota Supercomputing Institute Forum
  2. Informatics Interest Group Forum
  3. MSI Fluids, Structures and Fields Forum
  4. MSI Chemistry Applications Forum
  5. MSI MATLAB Forum
  6. MSI Python Forum
  7. MSI Deep Learning

If you are already a member go to the forum of your choice. You will be asked to login using your Google account information. If you are not a member go to the forum and click "Apply for membership". You can specify how frequently you wish to receive email. You will be notified when your membership has been approved. You can also apply for membership by sending email to; please include the word Forum in the subject. If you will not be using a Google acount send email to to request membership.

You can post a question or start a discussion. See a question you can answer? Help your peers with feedback, suggest new ideas, and vote on the best and worst answers. Any topic/question related to your research at MSI is valid. 

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If you need more help using the forum, send your question to; please include the word Forum in the subject.