Multiscale Design of Hard and High Temperature Resistant Coatings

<h3 class="red">Multiscale Design of Hard and High Temperature Resistant Coatings</h3><p>This project involves an interdisciplinary effort to conduct multiscale design of hard and high temperature resistant (Si,Zr)-B-C-N coatings which are thermally stable and oxidation resistant for high temperature (&gt;1500 &deg;C) applications. The project couples multiscale computations and experiment to merge the high-temperature oxidation resistant properties of Si-B-C-N and high hardness properties of Zr-B-C-N systems. The predictive effort spans from atomistic to multiscale distinct element method simulations to formulate solid predictions of the optimized compositions. These predictions will provide critical guidance for synthesizing coatings with targeted properties. These researchers expect that in these new coatings, the desirable properties will coexist, resulting in a new generation of protective layers.</p><p>This research is far-reaching as it can enable new concepts for protective coatings and the development of a new multiscale tool to predict materials&#39; response. Molecular dynamics investigation will address the fundamental issue of combining desirable properties by varying chemical composition and structure. The application of the distinct element modeling down to the nanoscale represents a new powerful tool to simulate the global behavior, allowing the design of future materials at large. The focus of this research - the discovery of new coatings working under extreme conditions - can find application in multitude of critical components such as turbine blades, reusable launch vehicles, hypersonic vehicles, and thermal barrier applications.</p><p>Research Spotlights about this group&#39;s work appeared on the MSI website in <a href="">August 2014</a>&nbsp;and <a href="">March 2015</a>.</p><p>Return to this PI&rsquo;s <a href="">main page</a>.</p>
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