Photos from 2023 Research Computing Exhibition

The 2023 Research Computing Exhibition was held on May 25, 2023. Events included a judged poster session, a panel discussion on Employment in HPC, tours of the data center, and visualizations shown in the LCSE/MSI Visualization Lab.

Photo credits: Brian Carlton, Michael Milligan

Panel discussion on the topic of "Employment in HPC"

Panel members: left to right: Adam Marko; Director of Life Science, Panasas; Dr. Ben Lynch, MSI Director; Forest Godfrey; Distinguished Technologist, Slingshot Network Group, HPE; Dan McDonald; IT Services Supervisor, U of M Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science; Dr. Subramanian Kartik, VP of Systems Engineering, VAST Data

Poster Session: The poster sessions featured over 40 posters in two categories: Physical Sciences and Engineering and Life Sciences and Engineering. A Grand Prize and two Finalist prizes were awarded in each category.

Physical Sciences and Engineering category

Grand Prize – Cody Carr (PI: Claudia Scarlata; Physics and Astronomy)

Finalists – left, Hanchu Wang (PI: Qi Zhang; Chemical Engineering and Materials Science); right, Jonathan Zajac (PI: Sapna Sarupria; Chemistry)

Life Sciences and Engineering Category

Grand Prize – Frances Shepherd (PI: Ryan Langlois; Microbiology and Immunology)

Finalists – left, Daniel Chang (PI: Dan Knights; BioTechnology Institute, Computer Science and Engineering); right, Varun Gopal (PI: Sapna Sarupria; Chemistry)

Attendees at the RC Exhibition toured the MSI data center, watched visualizations prepared by users of the LCSE/MSI Visualization Lab, and enjoyed light refreshments.

Ed Munsell of MSI’s Advanced Systems Operations group leads a tour of the MSI data center.

Dr. David Porter, of MSI’s Informatics and Computer group, showed videos of user research in the LCSE/MSI Visualization Lab.

Attendees enjoy refreshments and conversation.