Printing and Saving your work

Printing and Saving your work

What output format options are available in Tecplot?

Tecplot lets you print and export your output in the following formats:

     Encapsulated PostScript 
     Sun Raster 
     Raster Metafile 



To print the image, first save it as a PostScript file, then use the appropriate lpr command to print it. Pull the "File" menu down to "Print..." Be sure "Send Output to File" is on. Look at the "Format". If it is correct - It is either Monochrome or Color - click "OK". The format can be changed by pressing the "Render Options" button. The standard file selection window will appear. Enter the appropriate choice and press ok. Enter a file name and click "OK".

Encapsulated PostScript

To save the image as as encapsulated PostScript for use in other documents, pull the "File" menu down to "Export...". A window will pop up. In this window, pull the "Export Format" menu down to "EPS". If you want color, be sure to click the box next to "Color". When all is set click on "OK". You will be asked to enter the name of a file.

Saving your work for future modification

To save you work for future modification, you will want to save a layout (use the file extension ".lay"). Pull the "File" menu down to "Save Layout" or "Save Layout as...". The former will update the previously save layout if you read in a layout, or ask you to enter a name if you haven't. The latter will allow you to always enter a name.

After entering a name, tecplot may want to rename a data set. You may use tecplot's suggested name or enter one of your own.

To read in a layout, pull down the "File" menu to "Open Layout...". Enter the name. The image should appear exactly as it was when you saved the layout. You can now modify it.