Registering to use MSI software through the Software Calendar

1. Visit the Software License Reservations page.  This page will look similar to one shown below.  If you cannot access the calendar, it means you are not logged in to your X500/MSI account. You will need to login and refresh the page to view the calendar.



2. From the dropdown menu at the top of this page, select the software license you wish to reserve. This will transport you to the current calendar for this software's licenses.


3. MSI has a limited number of software licenses. Please review the calendar to make sure your desired reservation does not conflict with the available resources.



4. When ready, scroll down to the Google Form embedded in beneath the calendar. Fill out the form with your desired reservation time and any additional notes that may be relevant for your reservation.


5. Click "Submit."


6. The form will aim to schedule your license reservation during your desired reservation slot. Check the calendar once you have filled out the form to see if your reservation was successfull schedule. If there are not enough licenses available during your requested reservation period, you will receive a notification via email stating that your reservation could not be completed.