Silver (MSI-UMR BICB Computational Resource)


Silver, the MSI-UMR BICB Computational Resource (UMBC), is designed to support UMR’s Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology program (BICB). This infrastructure is available for interdisciplinary and collaborative BICB projects between IBM, Mayo Clinic, UMR, UMTC, and UM Hormel Institute. The UMBC Resource provides access to software and storage resources necessary to develop and support research as part of BICB.


These computing resources are housed, managed, and supported by the Minnesota Supercomputer Institute.

The UMBC Resource infrastructure is used to develop new applications in data mining, drug design, proteomics, and genomics.


User Guides

For a quick introduction to working on Silver, see the quick start guide.


The silver.msi system is a cluster of shared-memory blades. The cluster consists of 6 JS22 compute blades, 1 JS22 interactive blade, and 1 QS22 PowerXCell blade. The processor used in the JS22 blades is IBM's Power6 processor. The processor used in the QS22 blade is IBM's PowerXCell 8i processor.


  • 7 compute blades
  • 1 interactive blade
  • 1 file server/management node
  • 30 total compute processors
  • 72 GB total memory

Specifications for the compute blades are as follows:

  • Six JS22 blades each with four 4.0 GHz Power6 processors and 8 GB of memory.
  • One QS22 blade with two 3.2 GHz PowerXCell 8i processors and 16 GB of memory.

Specifications for the interactive blade are as follows:

  • One JS22 blade with four 4.0 GHz Power6 processor and 8 GB of memory.


All of the blades within the cluster are interconnected with a 4X InfiniBand DDR network.