SSH Keys

When connecting over ssh to MSI HPC clusters (Agate, Mangi or Mesabi), you should verify that the offered key matches the key(s) listed below before establishing the connection. In most cases, RSA will be the key that is offered, however, EDCSA and ED25519 keys are also listed here in the case that these keys appear.


Agate, Mesabi, Mangi

Key Type Hash Type Hash
RSA SHA512 OZfbPtOeVN2v94zzg9IA+asAWcqGVMmtuxvRudZNM5i4Lv15mfB0/7AYdEz+OLirDePVrgBgrlb0sH3P1hE6Pg
SHA256 F3N2lTEMMJSpgTQG/R2nF/jMfczHSClT60j1bvLjpE4
MD5 cb:f6:cc:8f:63:76:b9:d0:0e:e2:f6:ae:6a:87:20:ba