Studying Changes in Immigrants’ Gut Microbiomes


The research of graduate student Pajau Vangay, who is in the group of Assistant Professor Dan Knights, an assistant professor at the Biotechnology Institute and Department of Computer Science and Engineering), was featured on the website Quartz. Ms. Vangay is studying how the microbiomes of Hmong and Karen immigrants in Minneapolis and St. Paul change after they come to the U.S. The article can be found on the Quartz website: Immigrants in the U.S. are helping scientists understand how gut bacteria can be contagious.

Professor Knights uses MSI to support the development of computational methods that bring precision medicine to the microbiome. Work by his group was featured on the MSI website in April 2015 (The Fungal Microbiome in Infants) and September 2015 (Changes in the Gut Microbiome Caused by Colorectal Cancer).