SU Allocations

SU Allocations

What are SUs?

Service units (SUs) represent units of time on MSI’s HPC resources, and your MSI group must have an allocation of SUs in order to run jobs on these resources. For Service Unit (SU) rate, please see MSI Queues.

Do I need SUs?

Yes, and every MSI group gets a default allocation of 70,000 SUs. These SUs are required to run jobs on our HPC resources.

How do I get SUs?

SUs are allocated for a calendar year and expire at the end of that year. An MSI group gets SUs for the remainder of the calendar year when a new group account is created. When MSI groups renew at the end of the year, they receive SUs for the new calendar year. 

How many SUs will I need?

Most MSI groups will only need the default allocation of 70,000 SUs. This number of SUs is roughly equivalent to running a job nonstop on a 12-core system for an entire year. Groups can request the following number of SUs:

  • 70K SUs
    • default amount received by all groups; no additional justification
  • 280K SUs
    • justification is required if a group has not previously used more than 70K SUs
  • more than 280K SUs
    • specify the number of SUs requested
    • justification is required

What if my group is running out of SUs before the end of the year?

Supplemental allocations can be made during any time of the year by PIs or Group Admins. If you are approaching your allocation limit, you can request more and your request will be reviewed by MSI staff.

To complete a request, users can log into myMSI from the MSI homepage. Then from the dropdown bar under their username in the upper left of the screen, they can select the group for which they would like to request SUs/storage. Users can also go directly to, replacing GROUPNAME with the name of the group for which they would like to request storage/SUs.

Requests for more SUs will require the following information:

  • Description of work on MSI resources

  • Algorithm scalability information