Supercomputing Surf and Turf: Intel MIC Architecture

Supercomputing Surf and Turf: Intel MIC Architecture
Monday, April 15, 2013
402 Walter Library


Join us for a free, two-part seminar showcasing the latest hardware unveiled at MSI. New hardware draws many questions from MSI users. What are the features? How do I access it? How can I benefit? These questions and more are answered in Part I. Part II changes gears to give an in-depth look at how researchers are already leveraging the hardware.  


Part I: Hardware and Usage

Title: Introduction to the Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor 

Presented by:

Brent Swartz, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute 

Yectli Huerta, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute  


Part II: Application

Title: High-Performance Computing on a MIC: Accelerating the Immersed Boundary Method from the EULAG Geophysics Code 

Presented by:

Q. Chuck Li, Supercomputer Institute, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China


In the past year the Supercomputer Institute of the Chinese Academy of Science has acquired both Knights Corner and Knights Ferry cards for testing purposes. Based on this experience, Mr. Li has taken on the task of porting the Immersed Boundary Method from EULAG, a Eulerian-Lagrangian code widely used in geophysics to solve fluid flows over complex structures. He has also translated a book on the Intel MIC from Chinese to English. In this talk Mr. Li will go over his knowledge and experience in working with MIC as it pertains to high-performance computing.