Tecplot Contours

Tecplot Contours


Contours in 2 Dimensions

First, turn the mesh off, by clicking on the box next to "Mesh". Now click on the box next to contour "Contour".

Modifications on the contour plot include: the number of levels, color, a table and shading.

To add color to the contour plot, click on "Zone style...". The following window will appear.

Pull the "Contour Type" menu down to "Lines" and click "Close". Here is an example. (We will soon see how to add the table.)

You can fill in the contour plot with colors as shown in the following figure.

To do this, you will need the "Zone style..." window shown previously on this page. Pull down the "Contour type" menu to "Flood" and click "Close".

3D Contour Plots

To draw a 3D contour plot, turn 3D on. Click on the "3D Cartesian" pull down menu in the upper left corner of the tecplot window.

Just as with 2D contour plots, there are many options. You may use contour lines, or you may fill the plot. The procedure to to this is exactly as it is in 2D. There are several examples.

  • 3D contour lines ("Contour type" is set to "Lines")


  • 3D contour shaded ("Contour type" is set to "Both Lines & Flood" and in the "Effects" tab, set the "Light effects" to "Gourard")



To add a legend, pull down the "Plot" menu, to "Contour/Multicoloring", click on"More" button. Now select the tab "Legend" and select "Show Contour Legend". There are many other options that you may want to try. All options are in the "Legend" window. When done with the options, press OK.

You can move the contour legend with the mouse. Click on the "adjuster tool" (arrow with a perpendicular line) in the tool bar and then click once on the legend with the left mouse button, now use the mouse with the left mouse button to position the legend as desired.

Adjusting the Contour Levels

To adjust the contour levels, pull down the "Plot" menu to "Contour/Multicoloring" and go to "Levels" tab. In this window you can add and delete levels. The number of levels can be changed and the levels will be automatically generated. Click on "Reset Levels", you will be asked to enter the number of levels. As always, press "Close".