Tools for Microscopic Identification


Enhancing Research, Training, and Synthesis in Sedimentary Record Analysis

TMI (Tool for Microscopic Identification) is a successful new online tool for the visual identification and analysis of sedimentary components in smear slides. The researchers now want to expand TMI as a workflow tool for electronic data capture of smear slide analyses during core description, and as a discovery and display tool for data stored in relevant databases. These two directions are complementary, and together contribute to the cycle of data collection, knowledge generation, information curation, and data discovery in the analysis of sedimentary sequences from lacustrine and marine cores. TMI’s developing interoperability will be handled conservatively, as the proposed collaborating software and database resources are still themselves maturing. The approach will be to design a modular, reusable architecture that is capable of interacting with multiple external datasources and workflow tools, while avoiding tool proliferation.

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