Updating Intel Software Modules to the Current Generation

MSI's high performance systems currently have available Intel software, such as the Intel compiler package.  The Intel compilers which are currently loaded with the "default" command module load intel belong to the previous software generation, and newer versions are now available.  The newer Intel compilers and libraries have some improved optimization and performance features, including enhanced support for SandyBridge Xeons and PHI coprocessors.  MSI will soon update the module commands loading Intel software so that the "default" module commands will load the newer Intel software versions.  This change will take place during the downtime on August 7, 2013.  

The older Intel software versions will remain available, but will need to be loaded with a module command specifying the version.  Programs which were compiled with the older compiler versions may need to specifically load the older compiler, or be recompiled with the newer compiler versions.

Two non-Intel software modules (ompi and fftw) which load software which has been compiled with the Intel compilers will also be updated so that the default modules continue to function together.

The planned changes are outlined in the table below.

Software Default Module Command Previously Loaded After Aug. 7, 2013 Will Load
Intel Compilers module load intel intel/12.1 intel/2013/update5
Intel MPI module load impi impi/ impi/
Intel MKL (Math Library)
See note below.
module load mkl mkl/ mkl/
OpenMPI module load ompi or
module load ompi/intel
ompi/1.4.4/intel ompi/1.7.2/intel-2013-update5
FFTW (Fourier Transform Library) module load fftw fftw/3.2.2 fftw/3.3.3-double-intel-2013-update5

Note: Intel MKL is now included as part of the Intel Composer compiler package, so loading the newer Intel compilers will automatically include the associated MKL.

A newly created module named intel/cluster includes the newest version of the entire Intel cluster suite, which in the future will include the latest updates for its components. The current components in the suite are:

% module show intel/cluster

module         load intel/2013
module         load impi/
module         load advisor/2013
module         load inspector/2013
module         load vtune/2013/update10
module         load itac

So the cluster suite includes the latest Intel Composer compiler package (with MKL), Intel MPI, Intel Advisor, Intel Inspector, the Intel VTune performance analysis tool, and the Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector.  The intel/cluster module will continue to be updated so that it loads the latest installed versions of the Intel software.

Preparing for Update

This update is strictly to the module commands, and all software currently available will continue to be available.  To load an older software version the specific version (as listed in the third column of the above table) should be used.  For example, the intel/12.1 compilers will continue to be available using: module load intel/12.1

To prepare for the update please check job scripts and any custom environmental files (such as .bashrc) for the default module load commands listed in the second column of the table above.  To continue to use the older software versions these commands should be changed to load the specific software versions listed in the third column.  If you would like to use the newer software versions you can specify the specific versions listed in the fourth column, which will become the default versions on August 7, 2013.  

If you intend to switch to the new Intel compiler modules your programs may need to be recompiled to correctly function.  Recompiling would best be done before the module change to avoid possible congestion of the Intel compiler licenses.