Volume 10, Number 2, June 2013

University of Minnesota
Supercomputing Institute
Editor: Tracey Bartlett

The Users Bulletin provides a summary of new policies, procedures, and events of interest to MSI users. It is published quarterly.

1. Time for Itasca SB Nodes: The wall-clock time for the Itasca SB nodes with 64 GB (aka SB64) is now 48 hours, increased from the former time of 24 hours. You can find more information at the ItascaSB Quickstart Guide.

2. User Support Webpages: MSI is adding webpages in order to provide more helpful information to users. New pages that have recently gone live are shown below:


3. Project Space: All users are reminded that MSI now has a new high-performance storage space that greatly out-performs our old project space. Migrating the old project files to the new group space is recommended for all groups. Because data stored on project space is compressed, it will require more disk space when moved to your group space. Be sure you have adequate disk space before you begin your move. More information about moving project space data can be found at the Panasus Migration Guide. The old project space will remain available for a few more months, but will be phased out at some time in the future.

4. Old HPC Home Directories: Data in old HPC home directories will be erased on July 15, 2013. Any data that has not been migrated from old home directories to the new unified home on all HPC systems, except Koronis, will be lost.

5. Informational/Networking Event - MSI Facilitates Research and Engineering of Drugs and Medical Devices: The event previously schedule for June 20 has been cancelled. We will try to reschedule for Fall 2013.

6. MSI Policies: MSI has consolidated its policies on the website. These policies are written to comply with University of Minnesota policy, and provide additional structure with regards to such topics as using MSI, data protection and retention, software, and other topics. All MSI users are required to comply with these policies.

7. MSI User Forum: MSI has started an MSI User Forum through UMN Google Groups. The Forum will allow MSI users to ask questions and share information. More information about the Forum, including how to join and options for setting up your Forum account, can be found on the MSI User Forums page on our website. You can also link to the Forum from that page. Users can also request membership through the UMN Google Group menu.

8. Supplemental SUs and Storage Increases: The next deadline for requesting supplemental SUs is July 1, 2013. The resource allocation committee will be meeting shortly after that date to assign additional SUs. Instructions for requesting SUs are in the "How do I get SUs?" section of the Allocations page.

Groups with a current allocation of SUs may also request an increase in their group space. The deadline is also July 1, 2013, and the resource allocation committee will review these requests. To request more space, send an email to help@msi.umn.edu. Include the amount of the increase you are requesting and a justification of your group's need for the space. 

SU and space requests must be made by a group's PI or group admin.

9. New Research Programs Administrator: Barbara Opal, who was the MSI Research Programs Administrator for the past six years, has moved away from Minnesota. MSI's new Research Programs Administrator is Sushmita Singh (sushmita@msi.umn.edu). She will be happy to help you with any questions about your accounts or allocations. You can also contact the Help Desk (help@msi.umn.edu).

10. NIH RFI, Big Data to Knowledge Program: The NIH Big Data to Knowledge Program (BD2K) is soliciting feedback from the research community on the development of a biomedical data catalog to make biomedical research data findable and citable, as PubMed does for scientific publications. More information about this solicitation, including how to submit responses,  can be found on our website.

11. Summer Tutorials: The list of upcoming tutorials for the summer has been posted. You can see the complete list at on our website.

12. Software Renewals and Discontinuations: In order to align software resources to the needs of researchers, MSI’s software working group regularly reviews software at MSI. The Software Renewal page contains information about which software packages are coming up for renewal and which ones will not be renewed. You can also provide feedback and requests for MSI software purchases.

13. Submitting Research Papers in Which MSI is Acknowledged: MSI researchers are asked to submit citations for articles, papers, posters, book chapters, and other publications supported in whole or in part by MSI resources (hardware, software, or user support). MSI should be acknowledged in such publications in the byline, the acknowledgements or both. You can see examples of wording for acknowledgements in our FAQ.

Please submit the citations, including DOI (if applicable), to submissions@msi.umn.edu. We no longer post submitted publications to our website, but we maintain bibliographies for all MSI Principal Investigators. These are used by the Allocation Committee when they determine SU allocations, and by MSI for reporting to the University’s administration about how many and what kinds of publications are associated with the use of MSI resources. They will also be used for selecting Fellows of the Supercomputing Institute.

14. Jobs Available at MSI:
a. Informatics analyst
b. System administrator
c. System programmer

15. Useful email addresses:
- Address for submitting research publications in which MSI is acknowledged:
- Address for submitting videos of your research or suggestions for research articles: