Volume 10, Number 4, December 2013

University of Minnesota
Supercomputing Institute
Editor: Tracey Bartlett

The Users Bulletin provides a summary of new policies, procedures, and events of interest to MSI users. It is published quarterly.

1. 600-Hour Lab Queue: Due to popular demand, MSI has introduced a 600-hour queue. (The next longest queue is 150 hours.) Users can submit jobs to the 600-hour queue by adding the line #PBS -q lab-600 in their PBS script. Users can request up to one node with eight cores and 128 G of memory in this queue. A user can run only one job at a time.

2. Windows Virtual Machines: MSI is now providing remotely accessible Windows machines in the form of load balanced Virtual Machine pools. Read more about this on the Windows Systems page of our website. 

3. Managing Galaxy Storage: MSI has moved Galaxy storage to our new storage system. Galaxy files are accounted for in the overall group storage quota. Instructions for managing your storage quota can be found on the Galaxy Storage page of our website.

4. Service Unit (SU) Accounting: MSI is modernizing the SU Accounting system. This will enable easier checks of current SU usage and allocation. We will be transitioning to the new system in early 2014. The SU Accounting webpage will be updated with the most current information as it becomes available.

5. Blue Waters Graduate Fellowships: The Blue Waters project has issued a call for applications for its Graduate Fellowship Program for HPC Research. PhD students selected for this program will receive a stipend, tuition allowance, an allocation on the Blue Waters system, and a travel allowance to attend a Blue Waters-sponsored symposium. Preference will be given to applicants who have a multidisciplinary research project. Complete information about the Fellowships, can be found on the Blue Waters websiteThe deadline for applications is February 3, 2014, at 9 p.m. EST.

6. MSI Research Exhibition 2014: Save the Date! MSI will host the annual Research Exhibition on April 24, 2014, in Walter Library. The event includes a judged poster session with prizes awarded to the finalists. We will send out a Call for Posters in January 2014. The event webpage will be updated as more information is available.

7. Software Renewals and Discontinuations: In order to align software resources to the needs of researchers, MSI’s software working group regularly reviews software at MSI. The Software Renewal page contains information about which software packages are coming up for renewal and which ones will not be renewed. You can also provide feedback and requests for MSI software purchases.

8. Jobs Available at MSI:
a. RISS-UMGC Informatics Analyst
b. Informatics Software Support Specialist
c. Informatics Analyst
d. Clinical Molecular Research Informatics Analyst

9. Useful email addresses:
- Address for requesting technical assistance: help@msi.umn.edu
- Address for submitting citations for articles, papers, posters, book chapters, and other publications supported in whole or in part by MSI resources: submissions@msi.umn.edu
- Address for submitting videos of your research or suggestions for research articles: videoclips-articles@msi.umn.edu