Volume 9, Number 2, September 2012

Supercomputing Institute Users Bulletin
September 2012
Editor: Tracey Bartlett


The Users Bulletin provides a summary of new policies, procedures, and events of interest to MSI researchers. It is published quarterly. 


1. Newer and Faster Nodes on Itasca: MSI is augmenting the capabilities of Itasca with an addition of 51 Intel SandyBridge nodes. The expansion includes 35 nodes with 64 GB of memory each, 8 nodes with 128 GB of memory each and 8 nodes with 256 GB of memory each. Each node with 64 GB also has a 146 GB local disk drive, and each with 128 GB or 256 GB has a larger local disk drive of 600 GB. The 51 nodes will have 16 cores each. The larger memory and large local disk nodes target users with greater demands of per-core or node memory and also users who need large local scratch drives for I/O. All new nodes will use feature Itasca's Infiniband fabric and Itasca's high-performance Lustre storage system.


Users wishing to take advantage of these nodes will need to have a current Service Unit (SU) allocation or obtain an SU allocation from MSI. Please see the MSI Allocations page for more information on requesting SU allocations.


We anticipate the new SandyBridge addition to be available in the near future. As part of this deployment, we will retire the aging Elmo system and offer the Itasca addition as an option to replace the high-memory functions of Elmo. We will update you with details as the Elmo migration date approaches.


2. New Projector in Basic Sciences Computing Laboratory (BSCL): MSI recently installed a new large-screen, 3D stereo projector in the BSCL. The six-foot-wide by five-foot-high screen provides a good environment for discussing work with groups and for seeing additional detail in your data. The system, which is available to all MSI users, is simple to use. Instructions for using the system can be found through the BSCL webpage.


Click the “Using the 3D Stereo Projector System” link at the bottom of the page.


No reservations are needed. Contact help@msi.umn.edu with any questions.


3. MSI Informational Session: MSI held an informational session on September 17, 2012 to provide information about new services we can provide. If you were unable to attend the event and would like to know what was presented, we will be posting video of the presentations and PDFs of the slides. The links will be posted on the event webpage in the next week or so.


4. Tutorials:

a. The Fall tutorial schedule can be found at the Current Semester Tutorials webpage.  

b. Materials and archived tutorial webcasts are available on our website. Link to them from the main Tutorials page.


5. Call for Proposals for Blue Waters: The Great Lakes Consortium for Petascale Computation (GLCPC) has issued a Call for Proposals for projects to use the Blue Waters system. Projects should focus on the Blue Waters system’s scale and unique capabilities. More information can be found on the GLCPC website


6. Jobs available at MSI:

- User support consultant

- Software developer

- Student technical support

- High-performance computing systems administrator

- Big data and grid computing analyst


7. Useful email addresses:

- Address for submitting preprints and/or reprints of research papers:


- Address for submitting videos of your research or suggestions for research articles: