Windows Infrastructure

Windows Infrastructure

Xen Citrix provides virtual Windows desktops with remote accessibility

New Mac OS version incompatible with

Citrix receiver is not compatible with Sierra (macOS 10.12).  We are looking into correcting this as soon as possible.  If at all possible please do not update to this OS release.

What is Citrix?

Citrix is a broker of virtual Windows desktops.  There are 4 distinct flavors of Windows Desktops we provide:

  • Default: 9 machines, for general-purpose computation.

  • Node-Locked Software: 1 machine, hosting software that is not compatible with the XenDesktop pool system.

  • GPU: 4 machines, equipped with NVidia K2 GPUs for graphics-intensive tasks.

  • GPU Exclusive: 4 machines, equipped with NVidia K2 GPUs. These machines can be reserved for exclusive use, but are available only on request to

Citrix is made up of four load-balanced pools of identical virtual machines with eight 2.70 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2680 cores and 61 GB RAM.

What Can I do with Citrix?

Citrix is primarily for software which is exclusive to or runs better on a Windows OS.  We have over 50 programs available for users.  The Citrix system is distinguished by the ability to read and write data directly in your group’s Primary Storage allocation, eliminating the need to copy data back and forth between Windows desktops and MSI's HPC systems.

How do I access Citrix?

If not connected to the University’s secure network, VPN is needed to use Citrix and gain access to our Windows environment. After establishing a VPN connection, use a browser (We recommend Firefox or IE although others also work) and go to  Use your MSI credentials to log in and select your preferred Windows Desktop flavor.

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