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MPGI Workshop: Intro to MSI (Module 1)

This is Module 1 of a 4 part tutorial series.  
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Computer Science

MSI PI Hyun Soo Park (assistant professor, Computer Science and Engineering) is a Principal Investigator for a project that has receiv

Computer Science

In order to meet the high-capacity storage needs of its users, MSI has deployed an OpenStack-based cloud platform called Stratus.

Introduction to Deep Learning with Caffe and Tensorflow

Deep Learning has emerged as an important new tool for a range of research applications. Emerging programs such as Caffe and Tensorflow are available at MSI and can be executed on Nvidia GPU resources. In this tutorial, MSI and Nvidia instructors will walk through an interactive exercise running some of these programs. Participants will be able to login to a node with a GPU to work through introductory exercises. We will also show how to run these programs in batch jobs on MSI systems.


Computer Science

Researchers developing improved kinds of computer memory have been working with a phenomenon known as magnetoresistance.

Getting started with XSEDE resources

The NSF has a number of computational resources available to University staff and students as part of the XSEDE program. These computers have a lot in common with MSI systems, but there are a few important differences. This hands-on tutorial will introduce MSI researchers to multiple XSEDE resources. Participants will receive access to the Stampede 2 and Jetstream systems to run example jobs. This tutorial will cover the basics of policies, data movement, submitting jobs, and connecting to machines that are part of XSEDE.
Computer Science

For users who are new to supercomputing, the University of Oklahoma Norman campus is offering Supercomputing in Plain English (SiPE) for the Spring 2018 semester.