GEMS Learning - Using Simple Models to Guide Decision Making

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Apr. 9, 2024
10:00am to 12:30pm
About This Event: 

GEMS Learning provides modular non-credit digital and data science education for working professionals and students in food, agriculture, and natural resource application areas. Across the curriculum, instructors have built their course content from their own work executing large-scale data science projects to solve agricultural problems. 

Series: Digital Agriculture

Data is everywhere in agriculture, but knowing what to do with it isn't always easy or straightforward. These modules will give you the basic tools for analyzing a decision-making context, evaluating the data needs, collecting or integrating data, and then performing basic analysis and visualizations.

Using Simple Models to Guide Decision Making

What happens when there’s so much data, you and your team don’t know where to look to use the data to support decision-making? This happens all the time in agriculture. In this course, learners will see how simple modeling techniques can be used to prioritize decision options and focus the attention of decision-makers on the information that matters.

Fee: $280 (no fee for U of M affiliated)

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