GEMS Learning - Working Remotely and Scheduling Jobs on MSI Systems

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Sep. 1, 2023 to Jun. 30, 2024
(All day)
About This Event: 

GEMS Learning provides modular non-credit digital and data science education for working professionals and students in food, agriculture, and natural resource application areas. Across the curriculum, instructors have built their course content from their own work executing large-scale data science projects to solve agricultural problems. 

Series: Computing Basics for the Agri-food Sector 

Are you a field or bench scientist and always wanted to feel more comfortable with your computing skills? These courses are designed for those who have never used the command line, but realize that the responsibilities they have or will soon take on require them to automate tasks. It will teach basic UNIX command-line skills, enable participants to work remotely on more powerful machines, create and run scripts to automate complex workflows, and synchronize your scripts with the larger community with Github.

This series consists of self-paced, online courses. They open on September 1, 2023 and can be accessed through June 30, 2024.  

Working Remotely and Scheduling Jobs on MSI’s Systems

Sometimes the work we have to perform is just too large for the machine we are on and it is useful to be able to login remotely to more powerful supercomputers. For example, some tasks (e.g., genome assembly) require immense amounts of working memory (i.e., RAM), while others require very powerful processors or excessive storage. For these tasks, the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI) has a variety of resources to tap, and these will be the topic of this course.

Fee: $210 (no charge for U of M affiliated)

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Scholarships are available (see the link on the registration page). See the full line-up of courses and register.