MSI Tutorial - Advanced Python

Location & Details

Feb. 29, 2024
10:00am to 3:00pm
575 Walter Library and online
About This Event: 

This tutorial is presented by MSI.

Python is a modern general purpose programming language that is popular in scientific computing for its readable syntax and extremely rich ecosystem of scientific and mathematical modules. The morning section will provide an introduction to some widely used packages, including common idioms for manipulating and visualizing data. The afternoon section will cover advanced modules and techniques relevant to high performance computing.

Topics will include efficient data processing with NumPy and Scipy, data visualization, and techniques for using Python to drive parallel supercomputing tasks.

Example code and saved IPython notebooks can be found here.

The most up-to-date slides for this tutorial can be found in this Google Slides deck.

To be successful, you should have:

  • Previously gained basic knowledge of Python through a class or use
  • Your own laptop or other computer to actively learn how to use these tools
  • A login with a research group on MSI resources, or failing that, have downloaded and installed a Python environment on your personal computer