Life Sciences and Engineering Poster List 2020

Posters submitted in the Life Sciences and Engineering category are listed below. They are divided into three groups for the online poster session.

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Clinical Trial Outcomes for Cancer Drug Combinations can be Predicted Using Cancer Cell Line Monotherapy Screens and a Model of Independent Drug Action

Authors: Alexander Ling, R. Stephanie Huang

MSI PI: R. Stephanie Huang; Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

Agro-Biodiversity: The Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of U.S. Wheat Varieties

Authors: Yuan Chai, Kevin Silverstein, Phil Pardey

MSI PI: Phil Pardey; Applied Economics

Identification and Therapeutic Targeting of Tissue-Resident Memory T Cells

Authors: Milcah C. Scott, Sathi Wijeyesinghe, Lalit K. Beura, David Masopust

MSI PI: David Masopust; Microbiology and Immunology


Investigation of Few-Shot Deep Learning Techniques on a Small, High Dimensional Head and Neck Carcinoma Dataset for Prediction of Cancer Recurrence

Authors: Dalton J. Schutte, Frank G. Ondrey

MSI PI: Frank G. Ondrey; Otolaryngology

Analysis of Head and Neck Cancer Gene Expression to Establish Therapeutic Targets

Authors: Cynthia Koenigsberg, Frank Ondrey

MSI PI: Frank Ondrey; Otolaryngology

Characterization of the Skeletal Myogenic Lineage in Human Teratomas at Single Cell Resolution

Authors: Matthew P. Pappas, Sunny S.K. Chan

MSI PI: Sunny S.K. Chan; Pediatrics

Mechanical Parameterization of GBM Patient Cell Migration

Authors: Jay C. Hou, Mariah M. McMahon, Victor H. Barocas, and David J. Odde

MSI PI: David J. Odde; Biomedical Engineering

Single-Cell Analysis of Developing B Cells Reveals Gene Expression Networks That Govern B Cell Development and Transformation

Authors: Robin D. Lee, Sarah Munro, Todd Knutson, Rebecca S. LaRue, Lynn M. Heltemes-Harris, David Owen, Michael A. Farrar

MSI PI: Michael Farrar; Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Visualizing Thymic Regulatory T Cell Development With Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Authors: David L. Owen, Rebecca S. LaRue, Michael A. Farrar

MSI PI: Michael Farrar; Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Tumor Suppressor Turned Rogue: A Dynamic Network Analysis of Protein Phosphatase 2A

Authors: Aaush Gupta, Jianling Yuan, Christopher Wilke, Damien C. Mathew

MSI PI: Damien C. Mathew; Radiation Oncology

Agriculture and Agroecosystems; Microbial Biology

Development of Intermediate Wheatgrass as a Next-Generation Sustainable Crop Using Genomics-Assisted Breeding and Domestication

Authors: Prabin Bajgain, Xiaofei Zhang, James A. Anderson

MSI PI: James A. Anderson; Agronomy and Plant Genetics

Evaluation of Metabarcoding Primers for Arthropod Aredator Diets in Agroecosystems

Authors: Hannah L. Gray, Debora Pires Paula, David Andow

MSI PI: David Andow; Entomology

Genomic Survey of Plastic-Degrading Mechanisms in Bacteria

Authors: Natalia Calixto Mancipe, Clara Sorensen, Alexandra Dietz, Brett Barney

MSI PI: Brett Barney; Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering

Interpreting Gradients in Microbiome Visualizations

Authors: Suzie Hoops, Dan Knights

MSI PI: Dan Knights; Computer Science and Engineering

Maternal Programming of the Piglet Microbiome From Birth to Weaning

Authors: Kayla Law, Brigit Lozinski, Ivanellis Torres, Adrienne Hillbrands, Emma Nelson, Lee Johnston, Andres Gomez

MSI PI: Andres Gomez; Animal Science

Metagenomic Analysis of Phototrophic Chloroflexi in Yellowstone Hot Springs

Authors: Anna Bennett, Senthil Murugapiran, Eric Kees, Trinity Hamilton

MSI PI: Trinity Hamilton; Plant and Microbial Biology

Outbreak Investigations Using Whole-Genome Sequencing (WGS) Provide Contrasting Results According to Analytic Decisions

Authors: Enrique Doster, Meera Nair, Jamie H. Kaufman, Noelle S. Noyes

MSI PI: Noelle Noyes; Veterinary Population Medicine


A Simplified Approach to Characterizing Gas Migration Pathways in Soluble Methane Monooxygenase

Authors: Pratyush Mathur, Jason C. Jones, John D. Lipscomb

MSI PI: John D. Lipscomb; Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics

Analysis of User Engagement in Online Health Community

Authors: Ruyuan Wan, Zachary Levonian, Lana Yarosh

MSI PI: Lana Yarosh; Computer Science

Decoding Supportive Content in Online Health Communities

Authors: Drew Erikson, Zachary Levonian, Lana Yarosh

MSI PI: Lana Yarosh; Computer Science and Engineering

Computationally Guided Structural Nanomaterials Design

Authors: Yuezhou Wang, Jihong Al-Ghalith, Hao Xu, Grigorii Drozdov, Emmanuel Onuoha, Traian Dumitrica

MSI PI: Traian Dumitrica; Mechanical Engineering

Determination of Strains in Clear Teeth Aligners for Orthodontics

Authors: Ning Ye, Susan Mantell, Alex Fok

MSI PI: Alex Fok; Restorative Sciences

Feature Selection for Support Vector Regression Using a Genetic Algorithm

Authors: Shannon B. McKearnan, Julian Wolfson, David M. Vock

MSI PI: Julian Wolfson; Biostatistics

Mechanistic Studies of Bioorthogonal ATP Analogs for Assessment of Histidine Kinase Autophosphorylation

Authors: Adeline Espinasse, Xuelan Wen, Jason D. Goodpaster, Erin E. Carlson

MSI PI: Erin E. Carlson; Chemistry

Simulation and FRET Analyses of SERCA, Phospholamban, and Sarcolipin Complexes

Authors: Bengt Svensson, Joseph M. Autry, Tory M. Schaaf, Razvan L. Cornea, David D. Thomas

MSI PI: David D. Thomas; Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics