MSI Research Exhibition 2016

MSI held its 7th annual Research Exhibition on April 26, 2016. The Research Exhibition is a judged poster session with travel awards presented to the competition finalists. Posters are compete in the following categories:



Biological and Medical Sciences:

Grand Prize ($1,500 travel award): 

Bayesian Analysis of 26 Million Area VOC Observations for the Prediction of Personal THC Exposure

Authors: Caroline Groth, Sudipto Banerjee, Ian Reagen, Gurumurthy Ramachandran, Patricia A. Stewart, Dale P. Sandler, Aaron Blair, Lawrence S. Engel, Richard K. Kwok, and Mark R. Stenzel

MSI Principal Investigator: Sudipto Banerjee (Biostatistics)

Finalists ($1,000 travel award):

Computational Modeling and Simulation Studies of Tubulin-Tubulin Interactions

Authors: Mahya Hemmat, David Odde

MSI Principal Investigator: David Odde (Biomedical Engineering)

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Azurin Mutants

Authors: Anthony Meger, Alessandro Cembran, Steve Berry

MSI Principal Investigator: Alessandro Cembran (UMD, Chemistry and Biochemistry)

People's Choice Award (MSI t-shirts):

Anatomically-Driven Multiscale Model of Ascending Thoracic Aorta, With Application to Multidirectional Experiments

Authors: Rohit Y. Dhume, Christopher E. Korenczuk, Victor H. Barocas

MSI Principal Investigator: Victor H. Barocas (Biomedical Engineering)

Physical Sciences and Engineering:

Grand Prize ($1,500 travel award):

Inverse Design Process: New Method to Design Medical Devices with BIG DATA

Authors: Bethany Tourek, Dan Orban, Bogden Tanasoiu, Hakizumwami Birali Runesha, Dan Keefe, Arthur Erdman

MSI Principal Investigators: Arthur Erdman (Mechanical Engineering), Daniel Keefe (Computer Science and Engineering)

Finalists ($1,000 travel award):

Driving Forces, Trajectories, and Consequences of Flow of the Earth’s Deep Crust

Authors: Korchinski, M., Rey, P., Teyssier, C., Whitney, D., Mondy, L.

MSI Principal Investigator: Donna Whitney (Earth Sciences)

Global Monitoring of Surface Water Dynamics: A Data-driven Approach

Authors: Anuj Karpatne, Ankush Khandelwal, Xi Chen, Varun Mithal, Stryker Thompson, Robert Leuenberger, Yizheng Ding, Reid Anderson, Vipin Kumar

MSI Principal Investigator: Vipin Kumar (Computer Science and Engineering)

People's Choice Award (MSI t-shirts):

High Resolution Numerical Simulation of Density Current on Sloping Beds

Authors: Saurabh Chawdhary, Ali Khosronejad, George Christodoulou, Fotis Sotiropoulos

MSI Principal Investigator: Fotis Sotiropoulos (Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering)

Thanks to our poster judges!

A committee of six MSI Principal Investigators judged the posters:

  • Chris Cramer (Chemistry)
  • Gary Dunny (Microbiology and Immunology)
  • Shaul Hanany (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Molly McCue (Veterinary Population Medicine)
  • Lian Shen (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Nevin Young (Plant Pathology) 

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Thanks to our Research Exhibition sponsors!

Gold level: Matrix Integration in partnership with HPE



Silver level: Panasas

Sponsor level: Intel