Physical Sciences and Engineering Poster List 2020

Posters submitted in the Physical Sciences and Engineering category are listed below. They are divided into three groups for the online poster session.

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Magnon-Dynamics Studies in Ferromagnets Including Effects of Secondary Signal

Authors: Aneesh Venugopal, Tao Qu, R.H. Victora

MSI PI: Randall H. Victora; Electrical and Computer Engineering

Modelling Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Pointer Absorbers Using AMR Techniques With Both Subcycling and Non-Subcycling

Authors: Yadong Zeng, Lian Shen

MSI PI: Lian Shen; Mechanical Engineering

Thin-Liquid-Film Flow on Three-Dimensional Topographically Patterned Rotating Cylinders

Authors: Chance Parrish, Lucas Pham, Satish Kumar

MSI PI: Satish Kumar; Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Computational Chemistry; Chemical and Mechanical Engineering 

Absolutely Localized Multi-Reference DFT Embedding

Authors: Daniel Graham, Xuelan Wen, Dhabih Chulhai, Jason Goodpaster

MSI PI: Jason Goodpaster; Chemistry

Effects of β-diiminate Ligands on Reactivity and Isotacticity of Zn-Catalyzed CO2/Cyclohexine Oxide Copolymerization Reaction

Authors: Huiling Shao, Yernaidu Reddi, Christopher J. Cramer

MSI PI: Christopher J. Cramer; Chemistry

Mapping Water Table in Central Minnesota

Authors: Xiang Li, John L. Nieber

MSI PI: John L. Nieber; Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering

Models of Prebiotic Chemistry and the Effects of Quenching

Authors: Qianyi Sheng, Ben Intoy, J. Woods Halley

MSI PI: J. Woods Halley; Physics and Astronomy

Simulating African Swine Fever Transmission Dynamics Within Domestic Swine Farms in the United States Using a Stochastic Model and a Computationally Intensive Forward Simulation Approach

Authors: Sasidhar Malladi, Amos Ssematimba, Peter Bonney, Kaitlyn Charles, Emily Walz, Timothy Goldsmith, Marie Culhane, Carol Cardona

MSI PI: Marie Culhane; Animal Science

Supersonic Combustion Simulation With Detailed Transport, Chemistry, and Fuel Spray

Authors: Dezhi Zhou, Shufan Zou, Suo Yang

MSI PI: Suo Yang; Mechanical Engineering

Visualizing Diblock Polymer Laves Phases Through Electron Density Reconstructions

Authors: Andreas J. Mueller, Aaron Lindsay, Ashish Jayaraman, Timothy P. Lodge, Mahesh K. Mahanthappa, Frank S. Bates

MSI PI: Mahesh Mahanthappa; Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Astronomy; Physics

Analysis of Supernova Models Using SN 1987A Neutrino Data

Author: Jackson Olsen

MSI PI: Yong-Zhong Qian; Physics and Astronomy

Evolution of Supernova Progenitors Under Dark Photon Emission

Authors: Ermal Rrapaj, Andre Sieverding

MSI PI: Yong Zhong Qian; Physics and Astronomy

Electrostatic Gating Effects on the Metal to Mott Insulator Transition of NiS2

Authors: Ezra Day-Roberts, Turan Birol, Rafael Fernandes

MSI PI: Rafael Fernandes; Physics and Astronomy

Impact of Disorder on the Intertwined Magnetic and Nematic Transitions of Iron-Based Superconductors

Authors: W. Joe Meese, Anzumaan Chakraborty, Thomas Vojta, Rafael M. Fernandes

MSI PI: Rafael M. Fernandes; Physics and Astronomy

Intertwined Superconducting, Magnetic, and Insulating Behavior at Moderate Coupling

Authors: Morten H. Christensen, Xiaoyu Wang, Yoni Schattner, Erez Berg, Rafael M. Fernandes

MSI PI: Rafael M. Fernandes; Physics and Astronomy

Thermodynamics and Phase Analysis of Supercritical CO2 Systems

Authors: Ping Yi, Hongyuan Zhang, Suo Yang

MSI PI: Suo Yang; Mechanical Engineering

Modeling, Theory and Application; Machine Learning/AI

Data Driven Controller Design

Authors: Edward Samson, Peter J. Seiler

MSI PI: Peter J. Seiler; Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

Demystifying Emergent Intelligence and Its Effect on Task Allocation in Large Robot Swarms

Authors: John Harwell, London Lowmanstone, Maria Gini

MSI PI: John Harwell; Computer Science and Engineering

GeMSLR: A Multilevel Low-Rank Preconditioning and Solution Package

Authors: Tianshi Xu, Vasilis Kalantzis, Geoffrey Dillon, Yuanzhe Xi, Ruipeng Li, Yousef Saad

MSI PI: Yousef Saad; Computer Science and Engineering

Hessian Based Analysis of SGD for Deep Nets: Dynamics and Generalization

Authors: Xinyan Li, Qilong Gu, Yingxue Zhou, Tiancong Chen, Arindam Banerjee

MSI PI: Arindam Banerjee; Computer Science and Engineering

Local Instability and Global Mode of Viscosity Jet

Authors: Jinwei Yang, Akash Dhotre, Ian Wright

MSI PI: Vinod Srinivasan; Mechanical Engineering

Root Parallelization in Monte Carlo Tree Search: Time vs Threads vs Trees

Authors: Erik Steinmetz, Daniel Boley, Maria Gini

MSI PI: Daniel Boley; Computer Science and Engineering

Semantics-Aware Image to Image Translation and Domain Transfer

Authors: Pravakar Roy, Nicolai Haeni, Jun-Jee Chao, Volkan Isler

MSI PI: Volkan Isler; Computer Science and Engineering

Study of Electric Charge Diffusion in Quark-Gluon Plasma

Authors: Aritra De, Christopher Plumberg, Joseph Kapusta

MSI PI: Joseph Kapusta; Physics and Astronomy